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Flora and Fauna

Wildlife Sightings on the Moon River

The following list of animals was collected as part of a survey undertaken by the Lake Plan Committee in August 2008:

Bass, bats, bear, beaver, Blue heron, Blue jay, Bufflehead ducks, bull frogs,


butterflies, Canada geese, canvasback duck, cats, chickadees, chipmunks,

cormorants, cranes, crows, deer, ducks, Eastern phoebe, five lined skinks,flycatchers, Flying squirrel, fox, garter snakes, gold finch, green frogs,
groundhogs, grouse, hawks (cooper hawk), Hog-nosed snake,

hummingbirds, kingfishers, Leopard frogs, lizards, loons, mallards, marten,

Massasauga rattlesnakes, Mergansers, mink, mole, moose, moths, muskrat,

Nesting hawks, Northern Pike, nuthatches, osprey, otter, owls,

painted turtles, pheasant, pickerel, Pileated woodpecker, porcupine,

puff adders, rabbits, raccoons, rat snakes, raven, red squirrels, salamanders,

seagulls, skunk, snails, Snapping turtles, song sparrow, sparrows,

spiders, spring peepers, stoat, terns, toads, tree frogs, turkey vulture,

turkeys, turtles, watersnakes, weasel, wolf, woodchuck, and worms. 

Please contact the Secretary if you have any comments or questions.

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