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MRPOA ARCHIVE: NEWS - DOCUMENTS - MEETINGS                                           

The Following Documents are in PDF format. Click Here to download a PDF reader if you do not already have one.

Community Meetings

AGM 2013

AGM 2010

Spring Meeting 2010


Other Documents

May 19-2023 MRPOA E-Newsletter

Apr 7-2023 MRPOA E-Newsletter

Mar 11-2023 MRPOA E-Newsletter

Jan 17-2023 MRPOA E-Newsletter

July 25-2022 MRPOA E-Newsletter

Aug 07-2021 Competition Winners!

June 17-2020 - Spring meeting Review + zoom link

July 21st 2018 - Letter to Doug Ford

June 19th 2015 - Jaspen Park Shoreline Restoration Project 

April, 17th 2014 - Letter to Mayor & Council RE: Bala Falls

Jan 5, 2014, Letter to David Pink Director of Planning

MRPOA Letter to Mayor & Council Oct 17, 2013
Final MRPOA Presentation Oct 18, 2013

Community & Economic Development Meeting Aug 23, 2013

Wahta Nursing Station Presentation 2012

Waste Management Presentation June 2012

Congratulations STBF Summer 2010

Candle Light Vigil News Post STBF August 2010

Candle Light Vigil Poster STBF August 2010

Comment Request Letter to MOEE November 2009

Letter to members October 2009

Letter to members June 23rd 2009

Letter to members June 17th 2009

Letter to members June 11 2009

President to the Minister of the Environment June 2009

Moon River Stewardship Stakeholder Meeting May 2009

Sandor Dock Proposal April 2009

Sandor Dock Submission April 2009





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