The Moon River Code



                                                                                               MOON  RIVER  CODE




                      The purpose of this code is to encourage those who enjoy the waters and lands surrounding the Moon                     River to act in a responsible manner.


This can be achieved through:

  • Stewardship of the environment.

  • Preservation of our water quality.

  • Respect for aquatic life.

  • Safe and responsible boating.

  • Good neighbourly relations.



MRPOA encourages boaters to:

  • Be familiar with the Moon River before embarking on a boat trip.

  • Operate their boats with respect for other boaters.

  • Observe all safety regulations.

  • Watch for swimmers in the water.

  • Make efforts to reduce shoreline erosion caused by excessive boat wakes.

  • Ensure floating water toys and rafts do not impede boating.

  • Not to circle repeatedly in one area.

Environment and Water Quality

MRPOA requests that residents:

  • Refrain from washing, or spilling detergents, into the Moon River.

  • Use septic friendly products in the home.

  • When refuelling boats, ensure that petroleum products do not spill into the River.

  • Plant or preserve a natural vegetative buffer along the shoreline to reduce the impact of storm water flowing into the Moon River.

  • Observe the Township of Muskoka Lakes’ fire regulations regarding outdoor fires.

  • Observe all Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry regulations (including Fishing Regulations) and practice “catch and release”.

  • Do not feed the waterfowl.


Social Responsibility

MRPOA Encourages Everyone to be a “Good Neighbour” by:

  • Observing a “dark and friendly” sky at all times.

  • Refrain from using fireworks except Victoria Day, Canada Day, Simcoe Day & Labour Day.

  • Control amplified sound – it should not be heard beyond your property.

  • Avoid attracting bears & other wildlife, keep all garbage in bear-proof containers, clean & cover BBQs, keep all pet food indoors.



                                       Ensure that RENTERS OBSERVE THE MOON RIVER CODE